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A great big hello from Honey & Fox.

So just who are Honey & Fox? To sum it up, two great friends who happen to listen to one another talk. Throughout our daily lives we make comments and voice our opinions on varying topics and the wonders our minds come up with. Some things are opinions on the entertainment world and the content produced to which the response “these fools” goes towards, others are topics that our minds come up with. The end result is the Honey and Fox you see before you.

The attributes of Honey & Fox are blended into our writing, voicing what we think, see, and hear. We’re one of many who’s got 99 adulting problems and counting. This blog is our own way of reporting on the adulting struggle- it’s honest, cunning, at times sweet and playful. Honey and Fox is the sweet and sassy guide to help you navigate the world of adulting.

Fox’s Input:
“We see a lot of shit. And we can’t help but to open our big mouths and comment on it. No more turning a blind eye. I think we’ve all suffered enough. It’s about time someone calls it like they sees it.”

Enjoy our articles on what’s happening, topics we come up with, views we have, new ideas that come to mind, fun endeavors and more. Feel free to get involved in our Honey & Fox moments and read things that may open your minds to what is seen.

Telling It Like It Is,
Honey & Fox



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