“Say cheese.”


It was a sunny day in May. I was standing behind my best friend posing for a photo. Her graduation day photo. A day I anticipated since my best friend’s proclamation of returning to school for her degree. After the flash sounded off and we were free to move, I pulled out the gift bag I’d been hiding. Handing her the gift, I leaned in close and whispered sweetly into her ears, “Congratulations, loans start tomorrow.” ?


We All Got Problems

Just popping in to say hi. Graduates, we need to talk.

Wait, Who’s Your Loan Servicer?

If you have your fed loan account username and password you can add in your bank information.

Yes, Looked Them Up. I Mean Business

The were the ones that always sent me that quarterly loan update.

The Ultimatum

Don't consider yourself my friend until you...

Let’s Do This

Do you think you can give me some of your time

I knew she’d cave. Sometimes we need just the right motivation to get ourselves to do the things we don’t like. From here we had a nice 2-hour phone call where I broke down her student loans. A reasonable payment schedule was reached. Her first payment was set up and a friendship reinstated.

They Really Wanted Their Money

Btw loans charged for month of June

After having a conversation with a recent graduate, we at Honey and Fox realized she might not be the only one who needs to get smarter about her student loan debt. It turns out student loan debt in the United States has now reached $1.4 trillion, according to consumer credit reporting company Experian, spread out among roughly 44 million people. Not enough students leave college with a firm understanding about the loans they’ve taken out. Nor do they have a repayment game plan.

And quite frankly we can not have that. These talented graduates are the future leaders of tomorrow and on their way to help shape (hopefully) a better society. How can they do that with a financial burden weighing on their shoulders?

We are serious when we say we want to help you understand how loans work and your options. And with this passion we are creating a series to help educate. We want to be here for you as a mentor, guide, friend or even as an accountability partner.

Graduates, Let’s Talk Student Loans