Presents are nice, but what you really need as an adult would be so much more useful.

Dear Santa,

You may not be accustomed to receiving letters from someone beyond the age of childhood, but this is vital. Long gone are the days of bikes and toy train sets, or those awkward fake smiles when receiving socks and savings bonds. After a year full of, well, life being life, priorities have shifted. So if you were to receive an honest open letter from an adult, this is probably what it’d contain.

Here is what we truly want…wait need this holiday:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Sleep
  • 401K
  • Legends of the Hidden Temple Team Jaguar shirt
  • Savings Bond, really we actually want one now!
  • Certificate of Deposit too
  • In essence, financial security
  • High quality hair products
  • Mug to express my feelings when I can’t tell Sally off at the office (or) when I can’t put Sally in her place at the office
  • Something Bob’s Burgers related, honestly anything
  • Personal ramen chef who’s also skilled in yakisoba
  • Tickets to a highly anticipated conference (WordPress US, Google I/O or D23. Any will do.)
  • As a generation, to stop being named the serial killer for EVERY industry
  • Respect
  • A sense of purpose
  • Tuition for grad school or extra education
  • A functioning health care industry
  • Fun socks would be nice too

So, Santa, if it is at all possible please understand this is what we actually need this holiday.

To our readers, what do you think should also be added to the list? Comment with your own honest holiday wish list. Also kick off the new year with Honey and Fox. We’ve enjoyed serving you funny posts from an Oreo inspired workout routine to shade mugs to sip while watching others foolishness. In addition to serious posts to help with personal growth. Attending conferences, throwing a 90s party, traveling to Japan and tackling financial education. We promise to continue our ridiculous antics while keeping it sweet and sassy. 

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