With so many articles, social media posts and blogs competing for audience reach, it’s understandable why headlines are crafted in a way that grabs attention. At the same time they sometimes tend to lack substance and become more of clickbait fodder. Admittingly, a good way to kill time and go down the Internet rabbit hole though. A few headlines are accurate but let’s get real they need a dash of sass and honesty.

1. How The Other Half Lives

How the other half live
Her former home in {State} is on the market for $11.8 million…

An Actress Lived Here—And Now You Can Too. Well That’s If You Make More Than $24 million a year.
Her former home is on the market for $11.8 million, but are you even able to afford this? Or are you clicking due to curiosity of how the other half lives?

2. Paycheck to Paycheck

Possible career change
This is what the world’s highest-paid DJs made in 2017
These are the world’s highest-paid actors in 2017

If You Don’t Do This As a Career Why Not Depress Yourself and See How Much They Make

3. Rich People Problems

Famous people problem
Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Her Struggle With Alcohol

Rich and Famous People Got Problems Too

4. Relationship & Life

Relationship problems
3 Relationship Mistakes I Could Have Avoided

More Relationship Advice Because You’re Clearly Doing It Wrong

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5. Character Quizzes

Answer these questions
Answer These Questions And We’ll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are

More Quizzes About Disney Princesses, Your Favorite Character or Whatever to Get You to Click

6. Buy These

Buying more stuff
46 Products That’ll Solve All Your Clothing Problems

More Shit For You To Buy That’ll Hopefully Solve Your Problems Or Turn You Into A Hoarder

7. Funny Lists of Funny Things

Funny as hell
29 Times Single People Were Funny As Hell

All The Times Something You Care About Was Funny As Hell, Maybe Kids Or Your Binge Watch Go-To

8. Childhood Meets Present Day

Childhood memories
If Disney Princesses Had a Group Chat

If Something From Our Childhood Was Brought Into Modern Times.

9. Celebrities Grow Up And Change Just Like We Do

Celebrity obsessed
19 Pictures Of Celebs At Their First VMAs Vs. Now That’ll Actually Shock You

My How They’ve Grown. Another Look At Celebrities From Then To Now.

Let’s Get Serious

These posts can be entertaining, but some take a turn towards fake news territory and can have an impact on your decision-making.

Fakes news is nothing new. Sorry, Donald. Yet with more bots and fake news websites flooding the internet with misinformation, you gotta be careful what you consume and share. According to a Dec. 2016 Pew Research Center survey, about 64% U.S. adults say fake news or made-up stories cause a great deal of confusion about the basic facts of current issues and events. Interestingly, an Ipsos poll conducted last year on behalf of Buzzfeed found that most Americans believe fake news headlines. The best way to combat fake news is to do a bit of your own homework.

Fact check! Read credible sources and perform a search before believing what you read or see. Don’t be quick to share everything, use your better judgement.

Here’s an example of a clickbait headline that’s also fake news:

Celebrities are hot topics and stories about their unique hobbies are popular. Johnny Depp’s Barbie collection is mentioned in many articles titled like “Celebrities Who Collect Strange Things,” but the featured photo is nothing more than a Photoshop job of famed doll collector Giovanni Madonia.

The signature photo of doll collector Giovanni Madonia isn’t common knowledge. But it proves the lengths people will go to for views. Some people detected the super imposed Photoshop job, others simply went to Google.

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, “Johnny Depp might collect Barbies – but not these” from The Vinyl Idol, a website for Barbie hobbyists, linked to the pin above is no longer available. However, we found the breakdown post archived on Wayback Machine in May 2017.

Another example of clickbait fake news sadly occurs during natural disasters. Disaster photos from other storms or tragedies are reused and passed off as current events. It’s usually up to those with keen eyes, knowledge or the ability to discern the truth to call out the falsehood.

There are so many articles online, and social media only helps spread them like wildfire. The New York Times also did a case study on how fake news goes viral. Though attention-grabbing, most headlines need a reality check with a taste of the sweet and sassy.


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