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Honey and Fox turned two years old this month! Another year older, another year wiser? Maybe. This adulting blog has certainly undergone several changes in the past year, including the types of content we produce, look, style and things you don’t usually see like business management and organization.

We kicked off our second blog anniversary with another unique themed birthday party. Last year, we threw a bomb ‘90s themed party. This time we looked to our travel bucket list as a theme. We were also inspired by our experiences in Japan and wanted to share a taste of our wanderlust.

You might not be able to cross off a destination on your travel bucket list just yet. Whether you’re focusing on getting your financial mess in order or taking care of business at home- whatever the reason- we understand.

You can still take a bucket list trip in spirit though. Better yet with friends and on a budget. Here’s how you too can pull off an epic travel theme party.

The first thing you need to do is create your travel bucket list. A travel bucket list is a list of places you wish to visit throughout your lifetime. Next select the top three out of the list. Focus on these three destinations throughout your travel party.

Take note of the enriching elements about each destination, such as culture, history, language and people. This will require a little bit of research. Feel free to hit up family, friends, Google, language meetups or Facebook groups, your local library and international grocery stores to level up your knowledge on your top three destinations.

After much consideration, Honey chose France, Japan and South Korea.

France's The Louvre, Japanese restaurant and South Korea's cheonggyecheon stream lantern festival
EdiNugraha/ Honey and Fox/ storypacker

Fox decided to go with England, Italy and Japan.

Telephone booth in England, Colosseum in Italy and Challenge The No. 1 sign in Akihabara
Credit: luxstorm/ kirkandmimi/ Honey and Fox

Wait, why is Japan on our list when we already achieved that travel bucket list goal? A month in another country is not enough time to get the full experience package, you know. We were really interested in exploring more about Japan on our side of the world. (Or basically a sad excuse to munch on Japanese treats.)

KISS Around the World Party Decorations

A good money-saving tip to remember is keep it simple. Let the venue of the party do the work for you. In other words, consider the place where you plan to host your event. A wine room with foreign wines or an international grocery store are possible venues to have an adventure at. We opted for a venue related to our travel bucket list – a park with Italian-esque features.

Adorn party tables with a globe, maps, postcards, passports (fake obviously) and destination stickers. We designed a free printable passport plus sticker stamps you can hand out to guests. Get the downloads here and here.

Broaden Horizons with Engaging Activities and Games

What’s a party without games? (A boring one. Seriously, fellow adults, if you plan to host a party, please give your guests something to do!)

Many people are familiar with the children’s hand game rock-paper-scissors (RPS). Yet have you ever tried playing RPS in a different language? Have guests battle it out to win the Ultimate Travel Bucket List RPS Champion title.

Foreign language rock-paper-scissors game - rock vs. scissors
Credit: Honey and Fox

We attempted to play RPS in French, Japanese and Korean. It was hard to tell who won in our rounds of RPS because we kept messing up and unconsciously resorting to the American version of the game. Playing RPS in a foreign language was truly mind boggling.

For instance, we would perform the actions of the hand gestures when we weren’t supposed to, touching the other person’s hand, overall invading personal space. Sometimes we forgot the words too. Fox would throw in a French extra move when we played in Japanese.

French version of rock-paper-scissors: Rock, paper, scissors... Well? Ohhh France.
Credit: Honey and Fox/ GIPHY

Head on over to this post to learn how RPS is played in France, Italy, Japan and South Korea. We covered the basic gameplay rules along with some fun cultural tidbits. Teach your friends and watch them try to survive a game, especially if alcohol is involved like in the version for Italy. It’ll be entertaining for sure.

Another activity you might want to add to your travel themed party itinerary is putting testing your guests’ pronunciation skills, particularly in a foreign language. Make language learning a fun challenge game. See who is the best at saying certain phrases in British English, French, Italian, Japanese or Korean. Get started with 7 basic travel phrases.

Don’t forget you can use the printable passport decorations for an activity as well. Encourage guests to fill in the passport booklets with the types of food and drinks they sampled at the party, their thoughts on the cultural similarities and differences of the countries that were “visited” and collect destination sticker stamps.

Indulge a Little

Deliver party snacks in a travel care package. Create a box filled with drinks and treats from your countries of choice. Have guests sample the treats and share their thoughts on their favorite products. Bonus points for making a package for someone other than yourself.

Travel party care package filled with drinks, snacks and trinkets from countries on our travel bucket list.
Grab a box and fill it with drinks, snacks and trinkets from countries on your travel bucket list. Credit: Honey and Fox

We lucked out in snagging medium sized boxes from the post office. As a recap, Honey selected Japan, South Korea and France while Fox’s picks included England, Japan and Italy.

The care package to Fox included: From England, Fox’s Milk Chocolate Rounds and English Breakfast tea in a Ahmad Tea London telephone box tin. For Japan, Karamucho, Pokémon Snack and Pokémon Ramune. And for Italy, Loacker chocolate.

Honey's travel party care package for Fox, including English tea, Japapanese snacks, Italian chocolate and more.
Credit: Honey and Fox

The care package to Honey included: For Japan, Super Mario Bros. U chocolate and UCC Coffee in a can. For South Korea, Nongshim Postick Snack. France was represented in the form of St Michel Mini Madeleines and Lila Rosé wine.

Honey's travel party care package for Fox, which includes Japanese coffee, Korean chips, French wine and more.
Credit: Honey and Fox

Which did Fox like the best?

Fox’s Milk Chocolate Rounds were the saving grace. Everything else was lies.

Which did Honey like the best?

It’d have to be the St Michel Mini Madeleines. The Postick Snack had the Asian seafood taste I’m accustomed to, weirdly not as addicting as others I’ve tried. In the package given to Fox, hands down the Fox’s Biscuits Chocolate Rounds, followed by the Loacker chocolate and Karamucho chips.

United Kingdom Snack: Fox's Chocolatey Milk Chocolate Rounds
Need more Fox’s Chocolatey Milk Chocolate Rounds! Credit: Honey and Fox

Throwing yet another unique birthday celebration took some effort. With efficient planning, it can be accomplished though. Similar to the changes with the Honey and Fox brand, our party style had changed. This year, we did more traveling and learned more about other cultures.

Creating a care package for one another was a brilliant test on what we knew about the other. By playing RPS in three languages, we were able to enjoy a childhood favorite in a new way and expand our cultural knowledge banks. Additionally, RPS has the potential to make for interesting conversation piece or an ice breaker when meeting people from those countries.

Yes, we’ve traveled parts of the world already, but this celebration was a good sample of what else we hope to see.


Where would you like your own adventures to take you?

Experience your travel bucket list with a party. Don’t limit what you can learn about your dream travel destination to actual travel. Grab some friends and go on a bucket list adventure!