Earlier this week, we discussed film dad favorites Robin Williams and Liam Neeson aka that guy in Taken. Slowly, but surely we are approaching the conclusion of our father figure celebration.

June 15th – Alan Matthews, Boy Meets World

In case you forgot about ABC’s awesome TGIF block, Boy Meets World centers around Alan Matthews’ dorky son, Cory, and his journey to adulthood. No matter who comes in and out of Cory’s life, which is hilariously excessive btw, Alan is a solid father figure and mentor throughout the series. The popular ’90s sitcom would not be the same without this working class dad. (To see such a train wreck, please see Girl Meets World.)

He is not the typical bumbling dad you see on a sitcom. In fact, Alan is actually capable not only in fatherhood, but also in retail management. When he isn’t managing a supermarket or a nature store, he is putting in the hours for family time with his four children and their friends, offering guidance in careers, education, family, relationships and beyond. Alan is the type of father who is willing to adopt your “trailer trash” bestie into your family even though the family isn’t banking.

Alan Matthews’ worry levels are off the charts

His parenting style would best be described as firm, yet loving. Although, Alan is quick to lose his temper if his children do something extremely stupid like getting arrested for underage drinking. A good balance of tough love, we suppose. Alan’s son Eric, for example, hits a roadblock after high school and doesn’t know what to do with his life. Sick of Eric slumming it on the couch eating Coco Puffs day in and day out, Alan yells at him to get a job. Fox would also like to mention that her favorite Alan moment has to be when Cory and his new wife try to move back into his house. In true HOH fashion, Alan shuts the adult coddling down real quick, informing the couple they can only stay 1 day. He is not afraid to lay down the law in his house.

It’s touching to see Alan put his family’s needs before his own and constantly considering how they could have a better life. He strives to ensure that his children do not make the same choices has made, such as enlisting in the Navy instead of going to college after high school. The man has been working practically his whole life, he has seen things… lived it! Alan deserves some major respect.

June 16th – Hal Wilkerson, Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm in the Middle features an interesting assortment of characters to create an unforgettable sitcom family. Mother to the bunch is Lois, a hot-headed yet intelligent matriarch. Their children consists of not one, not two, not three but FOUR boys: Francis, Reese, Malcolm and Dewey. At the end of Season 4, a fifth male child, Jamie, joins the rambunctious group. Geez, as if the original four weren’t hard enough. Each child has different personalities, but a commonality for finding trouble. Hal is the lucky father that struggles through it all.

We are not exaggerating when we say these boys are bad mischievous. Season 1, Episode 1 opens up with a few of the following situations:

  • Eldest son is sent to military school
  • They boys have set the house on fire several occasions.
  • The boys’ school pretty much has their numbers on speed dial.

Hal tries his best to dad

Through the chaos and mayhem, Hal keeps a level head and goes with the flow. Lois assumes the disciplinarian role, whereas Hal serves as more of the chill parent. On some occasions, he’d sneak the boys out for a night of fun and enjoy some father-son time.

Though at times immature, Hal is mostly a loving and caring father. Dependent on Lois to make the decisions, he tends to fall into the good cop parenting role. As the show continues, it’s discovered that Hal actually comes from wealth. A marginal life style difference, given the living arrangements and money issues the family has faced. Hal’s family, not fond of Lois, shows constant disrespect towards her. Hal doesn’t let their negative attitudes and snarky comments affect him though. Instead, he raises a loving family he can occasionally be proud of, standing by his wife and kids.

Despite not earning nearly enough, Hal sticks it out and works hard at his low-paying desk job to support his family. What made this family stick out from most sitcom families is that they truly struggled. They were given jobs that only the working class can relate to. The Wilkersons weren’t put in lavish homes, often seen on shows. They work through it all to rise up. And surprise *spoiler alert* the series ends with him and Lois expecting a 6th child!

Be on the look out for our final father figure in the June is for the Dad series. Coming up: Bob Belcher!