Father’s Day is almost upon us. Earlier in the week, we discovered what made Alan Matthews a great father in a show that otherwise focused on his son. Hal Wilkerson taught us what it takes to raise extremely active, mischievous boys. It’s hard to believe we’re on the final pick in our June is for the Dads celebration: Bob Belcher.

June 17th – Bob Belcher, Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers follows one family man’s dream to serve the best burgers in town. Since the animated sitcom is a comedy, Bob Belcher’s journey to success and recognition wouldn’t be as exciting without the antics from his happy go-lucky wife, Linda, and his three eccentric children, Tina, Gene and Louise. Despite the curve balls thrown at him throughout the series, Bob powers through and continues to put his family first.

It’s no secret that the Belchers aren’t the richest people on the block. Bob can’t afford to pay employees to work at his barely profitable restaurant, Bob’s Burgers. He looks to Linda and the kids to help him run it. Getting their rent in on time is often a struggle as well. Nevertheless, Bob remains optimistic and works hard to make ends meet, even if that means taking on extra jobs.

For instance, Bob takes on a job as a nighttime taxi driver to help pay for Tina’s 13th birthday party. It wasn’t the most flattering experience, BUT he befriends some sex workers and stays true to his promise to Tina. He is willing to do the most to support his family.

Credit: Fox

Bob will do anything to ensure his children’s happiness, sometimes at the cost of his own discomfort. There is the time (after some begging from the kids) he allows an agalmatophiliac to temporarily stay at their house during the holidays and help them with a themed window display. Who does that?

Developing a relationship with each child is important to him. While we have a favorite, Bob doesn’t. Bob is a loving, supportive father that makes an effort to be involved in Tina, Gene, and Louise’s lives, including knowing what they like and who their weird friends are. Along with Linda, he attends his children’s events, from PTA meetings and field trips to school musical performances and a random table setting competition.

Bob Belcher saves his baby daughter from falling off a carousel
Credit: Fox

He goes above and beyond the call of fatherly duty. Another favorite moment is when Tina is tricked by a con artist out of her apparently rare Chariot horse doll. The kids convince Bob to go deep undercover at Equestra Con, a convention based on an animated show about ponies, to retrieve it. He has to learn everything about The Equestranauts, going as far as reading his daughter’s fanfiction, donning a poorly made cosplay and getting a partial tattoo. Most likely our dads would have just shaken their heads at us and leave the room because they could not handle our ridiculous request.

Tina Belcher approaches her father to get help to shave her legs
Credit: Fox

If this doesn’t sum up fatherly devotion, then we don’t know what does. Not buying it then there are 7 seasons and 129 episodes waiting for you. Try making it past episode 6[1] without falling for this fatherly figure. Bob Belcher is the perfect TV dad to raise a glass to and binge watch.

Bob Belcher lovingly embraces his eccentric family
Credit: Fox



[1] “Sheesh! Cab, Bob?”. Season 1 Episode 6.