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In the last post of the June is for the Dads, we spotlighted two fathers from children’s programs who some may consider goody two-shoeses. This time we’re embracing the dark side.

June 5th – Darth Vader™, Star Wars

Goodnight room
Goodnight moon

Let’s stop right there. This classic bedtime story brings warm feelings and picturesque scenes of parents cuddling up with their children and lulling them to sleep. Could you ever imagine this read aloud by the evil galactic emperor, Darth Vader™?

Darth Vader and Son book
This book takes Star Wars daddy issues to a whole other level. Credit: Jeffrey Brown/ Chronicle Books

How about the scene where a rebellious teen daughter refuses to change her clothes later being forbade by their father from leaving the house? Can you picture this with Darth Vader™ as the acting father?

Loving father is not what you would associate with a destructive character and mass murderer like Darth Vader™. The iconic Star Wars villain has a tumultuous history with the dark side of the Force as well as a crap load of abandonment and identity issues. Tbh, the movie version of nonexistent Daddy Vader wouldn’t even make it on our list of favorite dads. However, Jeffrey Brown’s series of Vader™ parenting books spins canon on its head and reimagines Darth Vader™ assuming a more active role raising his children. In Brown’s alternative universe, Luke and his twin sister, Leia, are deaged and surprisingly aren’t at war with their father.

Readers first catch a glimpse of AU Darth Vader™ and his hilarious, galactic parenting shenanigans in Darth Vader™ and Son. Yes, even the all-powerful Sith Lord is not immune to trick-or-treating outings, bad Father’s Day gifts, and kids saying “No”. Whether it’s having tickle fights, drawing good guys or teaching Luke how to use the Force, Darth Vader™ genuinely enjoys spending time with his son and tries his best to make him happy.

The follow-up book Vader’s Little Princess highlights just as many tender moments, but this time Darth Vader™ is trying to survive Leia’s adolescence and teen years. Much to his chagrin, Darth Vader learns Leia won’t always be his precious little girl. Instead, his daughter would prefer piloting lessons and dating to her droid dolls. Like any parent of rambunctious twins, the joys of parenting come with a few challenges.

Brown’s AU captures a charming side of Darth Vader™ we will NEVER see in canon. His series showcases a Darth Vader™ willing to suck up his pride for the sake of his children and teach them valuable life lessons. We wouldn’t say this Darth Vader™ is completely out of character though, his priorities still lie with the dark side and running a bad ass empire.

June 6th – Gomez Addams, The Addams Family

The name Gomez Addams brings to mind a suave, debonair gentleman with looks that could even bring chills to the dead. But this isn’t all there is to him. Father to Wednesday and Pugsley, Gomez serves as the eccentric patriarchal figure in The Addams Family, a creepy satire of the ideal American family. (Cue the theme song.)

His parenting style isn’t excessively overbearing despite being a rich, doting father. He wants his children to grow, explore and become their own person, even if that means they earn the title of murderer, psycho, or blue collar worker as seen in the TV series when Pugsley aims to find a job. Gomez experiences parental worry, but eventually understands his children will do things he may not agree with. He is still their father and he will do what is necessary to be there for them.

Gomez and Morticia Addams
Gomez and Morticia Addams are truly power couple goals. Credit: ABC Television (eBay front back), via Wikimedia Commons

While his daughter Wednesday seems to favor her mother, Morticia, Gomez holds a special place in her cold, sadistic heart and still insights his own wisdom on her, such as telling the truth and staying true to yourself. He’s been both supportive and encouraging by allowing her to do her own thing, such as breaking windows, setting fires, and other acts of mayhem.

He is in touch with his emotions, neither blushing nor ashamed of it- expressive in a refreshing manner that is rarely seen in male characters. He doesn’t care what others think of him- an attitude his family, especially his children, has picked up. His unawareness for his own eccentricity keeps his children from ever wanting to be like anyone other than themselves.

This family has been portrayed in comics, cartoons, television, film and stage. Choose your medium and enjoy the “Wonderfully scary. And pleasantly hairy. Delightfully? Very. It’s the Addams family”[1].

Stay tuned for our upcoming post about two fathers from wacky Cartoon Network showsThe Amazing World of Gumball and Johnny Test. Yes, Richard Watterson and Hugh Test are getting the Honey and Fox treatment!

Editor’s Note: Honestly, we would have nominated both parents. But that’s not the rules.


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