Welcome back! You’re just in time for the battle of the Adult Swim and Cartoon Network dads. Need to catch up? No problem. We added legendary father figures to our June is for the Dads list in a previous post, which you can check out here.

June 11th – Robert “Granddad” Freeman, The Boondocks

Today’s father is Robert “Granddad” Freeman. He has “dad” in the name. That’s good enough for us. Don’t agree? Fight us in the comments.

Granddad is the patriarchal figure in both the animated and comic series The Boondocks. Retired and ready to live out his golden years with some fine honeys, Granddad takes in Huey and Riley Freeman after their parents died. He moves the family out of the West Side of Chicago to a suburb in Maryland. Tasked with raising his two grandsons, Granddad deals with their mischief daily, including tagging houses, fraternizing with thugs, instigating societal uprisings, and destroying their own home.

The satirical, animated show highlights American race relations and stereotypes with blunt candor and plenty of N-bombs, making today’s pick one of our most controversial. After all, the show hails from Adult Swim. Granddad may be a far cry from the best father figure. Initially, we learn Granddad uses his grandchildren’s entire inheritance to purchase their new bougie house, which some would consider a dick move. His reaction to dealing with his grandsons’ constant mayhem is to “discipline” them. (Fox: Doesn’t he beat them? Honey: Sssh. Moving on). Additionally, he brings interesting house guests over in spite of Huey and Riley’s protestations.

Granddad bares it all helping Huey cope with a nightmare

While he is preparing for a bomb ass online profile pic, Granddad comforts Huey after a bad dream.

However, as the series progresses, Granddad’s actions are mostly well-intended. The move forces Huey and Riley to critically examine their respective social activist and gangsta lifestyles, introducing them to new experiences- different cultures and opportunities- they wouldn’t normally get. What’s really telling, from dramatizing their family history to sharing tales of his past, a strict disciplinarian like Granddad takes time out of his day to communicate with his grandsons and offer insight to surviving life as the average black man.

Given the situation he’s placed in, as their legal guardian, Granddad still does a good job. He just wanted to live in the suburbs with his two grandsons.

As we’ve said before his name has “dad” in it and that’s good enough for us. Don’t agree? Fight us in the comments.

June 12th – Professor Utonium, The Powerpuff Girls

In The Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utonium manages to birth three perfect superhuman little girls on his own. Thanks to a combination of sugar, spice, everything nice plus the unbalanced Chemical X, that is. The feat here is he “accidentally” made children and didn’t abandon them. Tbh he could have submitted them to science experimentation to explore their ultra-super powers. Instead, Professor Utonium eagerly embraces his role as a single father.

Education is no joke to this scientist and inventor. A few days after Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are born, he immediately enrolls them in Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, a nurturing environment that prohibits fighting and encourages learning, working, and playing with children their age. He understands the importance of schedules and stability for child growth. Throughout the series, for instance, the professor keeps the girls  on a daily routine, allocating time for hygiene, meals, family fun, and school. Although super heroines for the City of Townsville, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup lead a fairly normal life due to Professor Utonium’s efforts to raise them as normal as possible.

Credit: Daily Motion/ bananatv

In addition, the professor manages to play both roles of mom and dad with ease, which the Powerpuff Girls are clear to remind haters of. He can be a tad overprotective, especially in regards to the girls’ safety, as seen in the episode where he built the gigantic fighter robot Dynamo, inadvertently causing more problems. Nevertheless, his daughters wouldn’t have him any other way. Their love for the professor is as powerful as their super strength.

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