The celebration of our favorite fathers continues! In our previous post, we gave some love to sitcom dads who know best, featuring Parks and Recreation‘s Ron Swanson and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘s Philip Banks.

June 3rd – Mr. McStuffins, Doc McSuffins

Anyone familiar with the phrases “The Doc is in” knows the feel good loving show Doc McStuffins. This series revolves around a young girl named Dottie “Doc” McStuffins, who in pursuit of becoming a doctor like her mother acts as a toy doctor. Doc cares for and fixes toys, first giving them a check-up and later diagnosing their ailment. Putting on her magic stethoscope once activated the toys are able to come to life.

Father to this freckled face dreamer is Marcus McStuffins. Father to both Doc and Donny, his son, and husband to Dr. Myiesha (Maisha) McStuffins [1]. Attention is given to his affections towards his children. It’s subtle but his constant presence is enough to catch attention.

DOC MCSTUFFINS – “Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile” – Doc and her dad build a mobile clinic so she can fix toys when she’s away from home. Credit: “Doc, Dad” by disneyabcpress, used under CC BY

Early on, we concluded he was a stay at home dad. Pointing out the tasks he did throughout the show, turns out he was just ‘there’ present as a father. While he’s actually a cook, this has allowed him to be attentive of his children’s needs. It also explained the healthy snacks he served and unique recipes, it wasn’t just your standard bowl of fruit.

There are subtle moments in the show which drew the thought “well look at this father”. He’s available, nutrition cautious and willing to take his children places. He even opened up about his own childhood and dreams of being an oceanographer with them[2]. It’s obvious that he loves to spend time with his children. As far as the role of father goes Marcus McStuffins is on his A-game.

June 4th – Mr. Read, Arthur

Arthur is the long-running American-Canadian PBS animated series. It’s based on a book series by Marc Brown about an anthropomorphic aardvark by the same name. Arthur’s father is David Read, a skilled cook with his own catering business.

Due to his career David often tries out new culinary creations with his family. Ranging from exotic to bizarre.

For over 18 seasons, rooting for more, it’s shown how much David cares for his family. He pushes Arthur because he sees his potentials beyond what Arthur himself views. His affections are on display when caring for baby Kate or defusing the fussy DW. Mr. Read’s parenting style is firm yet fair, he isn’t too strict with the kids. He does sets ground rules, settles disputes and reprimanding the kids when necessary.

Mr. Read isn’t always serious, he makes many failed attempts at being funny. Arthur tried to persuade him to not tell jokes at Parents’ Open House Night. In the episode “Kids are from Earth Parents are from Pluto” Arthur listed it as his father’s embarrassing trait .

He places his children above himself as seen in the episode “Dad’s Dessert Dilemma”. Arthur needed to bring in a dessert to a school party. He’s nervous when his father volunteers. Fearing his dessert “experiments” too unique for his classmates taste buds. Arthur’s later impressed by their fondness of the honey cake in the shape of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Arthur then begins to volunteer his father’s services for many dessert orders. Asking his father for baked goods caused him to fall behind on his own work orders. This episode showed what lengths this father was willing to go through for Arthur. Arthur learned a lesson about selfishness and respecting other people’s time. With the help of Arthur and DW, David was able to fill his order with a cake to spare.

A caring, skilled and compassionate man are all what make David Read a wonderful father.

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