Welcome to the month of June. Or as we’re calling it “June is for the Dads”. During this month, we will be featuring our favorite father figures. These figures are going to come from all over. History, animation, movies, sitcoms, heck even social media.

We are highlighting a different dad for each day until Father’s Day. With each post, we’re delving deep into their character to draw out what makes them a great dad. The actions they took, the words they said and the impact they made on the young ones in their life. Stay tuned and be sure to share your favorite. The countdown to Father’s Day begins!

P.S. Give your father a hug from us. When he asks what for, whisper close into his ear: Honey and Fox.

Sincerely Yours,
(Yes, sincerely we’re that fancy.)
Honey & Fox

View the chosen fathers for “June is for the DADS”.