Plastic pollution is just the tip of the iceberg

National Geographic unveiled the cover for its June 2018 publication sparking a slew of conversations on pollution. People couldn’t stop talking about it. The unsuspecting image of an iceberg is actually a floating plastic bag in water, an artistic play on illusion, created by photo-illustrator Jorge Gamboa. The cover art is a part of National Geographic’s “Planet or Plastic” initiative. The image has been described as “brilliant” and helped foster talks about correcting the problem. Though the world’s plastic problem is only the tip of the iceberg.

The battle for the net continues

The U.S. Senate voted on a bill to restore net neutrality. In case you forgot, net neutrality rules prevented internet providers, such as AT&T and Verizon, from blocking or slowing down websites or prioritizing their websites and services over others. The FCC repealed net neutrality last year. The repeal is set to go in effect June 11. A majority of House lawmakers need to sign a discharge petition to force a vote on the floor.
Breaking the loading screen

The Royal Wedding

American actress Meghan Markle finally snagged Britain’s Prince Harry. Millions around the world bothered to wake up early, cosplay with zero fucks given and view the couple’s historic May 19 royal wedding at Windsor Castle. Eh, sleep was more of a priority for us.

Backstreet’s back. Alright!

‘90s fans rejoice. The Backstreet Boys are all grown up and still all that. The pop group returned to the music scene with their first single in five years, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” A new album and tour are also in the works. The Backstreet Boys remain the best-selling boy band in history, having sold over 100 million records worldwide since their 1996 debut.

Get ready to expand your Backstreet Boys karaoke playlist.

Big Island’s big lethal beauty

The Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island erupted, generating a hellscape of lava, earthquakes and toxic gas. More than 1,700 residents were forced to evacuate. Now that the lava has reached the Pacific Ocean, residents have to also worry about some hydrochloric acid steam called laze. Laze can irritate the skin and cause breathing problems. Hawaii News Now has an extensive list on ways to help.

Netflix is making bank

The popular streaming service reached a new milestone. According to CNN Money, for a moment Netflix was worth more than Disney and Comcast. On Thursday, May 24 Netflix’s market value soared above $153 billion, beating out Disney in the category of the most valuable media company- a difficult achievement when faced against veteran media mammoths.

Person laying on the bed watching Netflix from a tablet
Credit: Netflix

Though the victory was only fleeting. The Mouse, aka Disney, was able to recapture the title after “Netflix shares pared their gains,” dropping the amount to below $152 billion. Now in second place, Netflix is still ahead of Comcast. The rise in success for Netflix mirrors the value original content holds. The popularity of the service has soared thanks to Netflix Originals like Stranger Things and The Crown. Netflix continues to grow in subscriptions and has yet to be slowed down by competitors like Hulu or Amazon Prime Video. Disney plans to launch its own streaming service, but the new venture has yet to damper Netflix’s success.

TL;DR – Understandable. Here’s each story summarized in a single sentence.

  • It’s not an iceberg but a plastic bag, think about it.
  • Net neutrality we knew thee well.
  • She’s married now.
  • The Backstreet Boys are back.
  • Volcano eruption in Hawaii.
  • Netflix is coming after you for that top spot Mickey Mouse.