Editor’s Note: Honey and Fox strives to build a positive space where people can figure out how to survive and thrive as adults together. In an effort to encourage adults to pursue their goals, once a month we will shine light on someone who is uplifting or making a difference within the community in our Adult in the Spotlight feature. This month, we are pleased to introduce Calynn M. Lawrence.

Red carpet publicist and media personality Calynn M. Lawrence has scored a Chicago Oscar and Woman of the Year in 2017, along with several Chicago Oscar nominations this year. Lawrence has walked countless red carpets, hosted cable television for two years, toured the country as a VIP at various fashion weeks, and has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion. Oh yeah, and she’s only twenty two!

Superman is Dead - Cap held
Superman Is Dead – “She fell sick for a fool who had her plagued, bubonic” Credit: Fashion Thunderclap

What’s the news with her? She just dropped one of the most insane P.R. projects of 2018 on her blog. That’s right. She has pronounced the almighty Superman DEAD! But she ain’t talking about Clark Kent though … talk about sweet and sassy adulting.

According to Lawrence, the project was intended to help her work through her emotions while overcoming heartbreak over a man she only publicly introduced as “Superman.” Dating back to her first mention of him in her My Time magazine interview last November, she has since referenced him in several other interviews speaking positively of their relationship. No doubt you could understand the shock her fans and the media underwent when she randomly dropped “Superman Is Dead.”

Superman is Dead - Standing infront of passageway - Publicist Calynn M. Lawrence
Superman Is Dead – “He recognize who’s Wayne and who’s Robin, the best and the below” Credit: Fashion Thunderclap

Regardless of her lack of proper notice, “Superman Is Dead” has been pulling the attention of tens of thousands on the internet. Whether it’s the crazy visuals that attracted you or the tight poetry that she spits with her spoken word component, you were left either bewildered or empowered. Here’s a few points we loved about the project:

    1. The costume changes! Yes lady, those costume changes were life. From a soft baby pink dress to full on gothic heroine to a satin pants suit. We are here for it!
    2. The blonde wig. From the looks of it, this isn’t the typical look for her, but it was sexy and sassy. Atomic blonde?
    3. The use of bilingual wordplay! That flowetry (poetry with flow) was cold and the occasional Spanish inserts froze it over.
    4. The rawness. We could tell it was minimally edited and glamorized. That made us feel what you felt even more. Despite some feeling that you should have made the spoken word into a formal rap with music, we loved the way you just talked to the audience! Moving.

Snaps to the creator, you did that! Let’s see what else you draw up in the future. Just next time, give us a warning!

View “Superman Is Dead” on Fashion Thunderclap.