It was da bomb.

We began pulling out drinks, chips, a slinky, Ring Pops, and orange soda. Poolside onlookers curiously observed. What could this duo be up to?

We smiled proudly as we set up for our anniversary. The table was more eye-catching than the bright orange “Space Jam” jersey we wore. The level of detail and attention put to bring this party together was worth it to celebrate the day we conceived the idea of Honey and Fox.

'90s women's fashion - We had a ’90s Birthday Party and It was Glorious |
Fox rocked this floral ensemble. Credit: Honey and Fox/Unsplash
Casual '90s themed fashion - We had a ’90s Birthday Party and It was Glorious |
Honey sported the Tune Squad look with high tops. Credit: Honey and Fox/Ryan McGuire

We scattered around the table Caprisun pouches and Fruit By The Foot. The materials we so desperately collected were now on display. During our party supplies scavenger hunt, we posted a teaser of what we collected on Instagram. The Lisa Frank coloring book and puzzle that shone in the photo now leaned against a blue boombox. A big part of the ‘90s party decorations included childhood toys, from a Furby to a Burger King Pokéball.

As adults, we tend to lose interest in the little things we cherished when we were kids.Click To Tweet

As adults, we tend to lose interest in the little things we cherished when we were kids. Toys, for instance, are usually the first to go, either passed down to a relative, donated to charity, or sadly discarded. Stores are stocked with an “upgraded” or “new and improved” version of what we played with. However, if you’re one of those hoarders like Fox’s mother who saves random crap, tracking down actual toys from our childhood was hardly difficult. It just required a little digging in the abyss known as the garage.

Thankfully for some toys, time doesn’t take away from its essence. Despite buying Lisa Frank items in 2017, they still had the bright colors and charm as they did in the ‘90s.

Toys aren’t the only childhood remnants that slowly disappear in life. Do you remember the last time you’ve eaten candy? The sweet kind dentist beg you to stray from. For us we brought back these sweet treats in the form on Fruit By The Foot and Ring Pops.

Dancing to Beats and Eating Treats

What really took us back was our playlist. Each song brought discussion and fond memories highlighting where we first heard the song. A few caused us to look into the song’s true meaning.

90s birthday party table - We had a ’90s Birthday Party and It was Glorious |
Credit: Honey and Fox

The lovable antics of “The Goofy Movie” can be heard in the powerful singing of Powerline’s “Eye to Eye”. While Mya’s singing of “Take Me There” featuring Blackstreet, Mase and Blinky Blink transported us to the playpen of the “Rugrats” crew. Question: Who Let The Dogs Out? If this line doesn’t have you going “woof”, then take a listen to this Baha Men hit. The powerful vocals of TLC and their message was relived hearing “No Scrubs” and “Waterfalls.” Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls had us jumping. Eventually, the tracks looped on repeat, which was not enough to assuage our craving for old school jams.

Get a glimpse of the ’90s music scene and check out the other hits that made our music playlist.

Even though our celebration was a low-key affair, we treated ourselves to copious amounts of food. We didn’t even spend a fortune. The menu comprised of a combination of our favorite munchies as kids:

  • A bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and milk
  • Krabby Patty-inspired sliders with a splash of green colored ketchup (akin to Heinz EZ Squirt)
  • Fruit by the Foot
  • Ring pops
  • Chocolate bars
  • Caprisun
  • Orange Soda
  • Doritos (unfortunately, no 3D’s available)
  • Lays Salt and Vinegar

Old School Entertainment

Collage of cootie catchers folded by Honey & Fox - We had a ’90s Birthday Party and It was Glorious |
Cootie catchers folded by Honey & Fox. Credit: Honey and Fox

What’s a throwback party without fun, throwback activities? We made fortune tellers or, as some may know them, cootie catchers. Sitting in a classroom with just a sheet of paper in hand, making these was a go-to activity for kids. While folding sheets we recounted an “Arthur” episode where Prunella was given a cootie catcher for her nine-and-a-half birthday. We started with sheets of notebook paper, paying homage to our younger selves who only had basic paper from spiral notebooks at their disposal. Later on we created a set with decorative paper. Yes, we so fancy.

Admittingly, the amount of colors used to assemble the Lisa Frank puzzle made it more difficult than initially thought. The gust of wind that knocked the nearly completed puzzle not once but twice didn’t help either. Though the picture of the completed puzzle shows Honey’s perseverance.

An assembled Lisa Frank Puzzle. An activity at the 90s party - We had a ’90s Birthday Party and It was Glorious |
Credit: Honey and Fox

Being grown ups also didn’t get in the way of us playing with the coloring book and crayons. Simply coloring had a calming effect.

And while we would have liked to host our own version of “Double Dare”- complete with whipped cream pies and a giant nose to pick- we settled for a game of ‘90s trivia. Questions covered topics, such as animation, art, history, nature, technology, and more.

You too can experience the excitement of a ‘90s trivia challenge with our free printable set of game cards. To play, just print them out and start quizzing your friends on their ’90s knowledge.

Download the Free ’90s Trivia Game Cards Here!

The ‘90s does not feel so far away, but the facts we discovered during the trivia game kind of made us feel a bit ancient. Who knew Dolly, the world’s first cloned sheep, was born in the same year as when the Nintendo 64 was released? Surprisingly, we knew more than we thought, delving into deeper answers than the questions called for. Nerds!

Piece of Cake

It’s hard to believe we pulled off our very own slime birthday cake, derived from a recipe featured in Nickelodeon Magazine. This messy beast took us much longer to concoct than we expected. Interestingly enough the recipe offers a gentle reminder to have an adult help in the kitchen. We’re supposed to be adults and yet we struggled with this simple recipe.

Isn’t she a beaut?

Slime cake baked by Honey and Fox - We had a ’90s Birthday Party and It was Glorious |
A tasty slime cake baked by yours truly. Credit: Honey and Fox

Final Thoughts

Honey: This was a great way to honor a milestone we reached. Looking back to when we first conceived the idea of Honey and Fox, it’s wild to imagine it’s actually happening. Putting the event together was a lot of work but the results made it worth it. It’s good to take a step back from life and enjoy the moment. The amount of knowledge I had for the era was scary. Especially when it came to animation. I recommend thinking back to your favorite childhood show and watching an episode. This was also a great way to justify my impulse buy of a “Hey Arnold” shirt and a “Space Jam” jersey.

Fox: This celebration not only marked a huge milestone in our path to becoming professional bloggers, but also offered us a chance to be kids again. It was refreshing to just play. We got to practice what Timon and Pumba have been preaching all these years. Hakuna Matata. Sometimes you have to step away. Give yourself a break every now and then, or else you’ll become overwhelmed by your adult responsibilities.

Flashback to the ’90s with our FREE printable ’90s trivia cards. Challenge your friends to a game!

Free printable '90s trivia game cards - We had a ’90s Birthday Party and It was Glorious |

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