Everybody wants to be a… cat cafe host.

Cafes are a chic spot for tea and coffee drinkers to get their liquid fix. Sitting at a table, savoring a drink, and taking in the cozy atmosphere. On the other side are the staff, serving up delicious concoctions and maintaining the blissful establishment. Did we forget to mention there are also adorable kittens playing in the background?

That’s correct, a kitten. And no we are not making up a scene from a manga. This is a real cafe.

adorable cat cafe in Japan - I Can Be: A Cat Cafe Host | honeynfox.com
An adorable cat cafe is the norm in Japan. Credit: “Cat Café Nekokaigi” by Selmer van Alten, used under CC BY

Cat cafes are hugely popular in Japan, with over a hundred establishments under its collar. The concept for a cat-themed coffeehouse is gradually spreading throughout Europe and the U.S. Even our hometown Orlando is no stranger to the idea. Orlando Cat Café recently opened in Clermont and The Kitty Beautiful is scouting for a new location downtown.

If interested, a cat cafe could be your next place of employment. Ready to serve tea and pet kitties? Here are some options to nibble on.

The Cafe Meow

It’s been a long time coming for newly launched The Cafe Meow. Following years of setbacks, the cat café has finally found a home in Uptown Minneapolis. The Cafe Meow is Minnesota’s first cat café.

A proud member of The North American Cat Café Embassy, the women-led business hopes to bring a unique interactive experience to cat lovers and coffee drinkers. There are two separate rooms that make for a fun and relaxing environment- a cat playroom and a café. Although it may be possible to order some cat time with your coffee.

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The Cafe Meow is a strong advocate of local businesses and partnerships. The majority of the featured cats come from local shelters and are available for adoption. Coffee and teas sipped are organic and provided by local vendors, such as Bootstrap Coffee Roasters. Cat themed works by local artists will be also showcased.

Though they’ve received a flood of applicants throughout their journey to launch, there is still a form open for a Cat Cafe Host/Barista.

Basic requirements include:

  • Being able to serve customers and promote the cafe’s merchandise
  • A willingness to help
  • The ability to stand for long periods of time. After all, you’ll be walking to deliver drinks and standing behind a counter making them.
  • A positive attitude. Only the cats could be the cranky ones.
  • Being able to work a cash register. Along with basic math skills. In short, can you give back proper change?
  • If you have any prior experience as a barista, mention your boss coffee making skills. Heck, wow them with your drink portfolio on Instagram.
  • High tolerance for cats.

The application form is simple and nothing to scare you away from applying. The job listing was last retrieved on February 21, 2018. If you’re interested in the cafe and want to keep up with opening news you can follow their Facebook and Twitter.


Koneko is the first Japanese cat cafe and saké bar in America, located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. According to their website, Koneko’s mission is to create a safe, fun, and unique environment for cats to hang out with people. With a name meaning “kitten” expect a lot of them. As a patron, go in and have a glass of saké with a cat on your lap. Not big on saké? Let’s make that an espresso.

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Inspired by the cat cafes in Japan, the Koneko team is proud to bring the experience to the States. With adoptable cats walking throughout the cafe and a menu with a touch of Japanese influence, this is an ailurophiles’ dream. Explore the cafe alongside the cats with three spaces to choose from: a sunlit Upper Cattery, a cozy Lower Cattery, and a outdoor Catio.

Hosting weekly events around cats and Japanese culture, this is an exciting place to work for. For instance, an open mic haiku poetry slam and guided meditation with cats are a thing. Koneko even held a Pussyhat Knit-in on International Women’s Day last month with many cats donning pink tiny knitted hats. Get absorbed in the cuteness while increasing your knowledge of Japanese culture.

There is an open application form for excited job seekers on their website. The Koneko team consists of both paid staff and volunteers. Have a resume and cover letter ready. Be sure to list your qualifications, which may include being a major cat person, being somewhat quirky, and open to other cultures.

For more information about the positions, visit the job listing on their respective websites. Ready to pounce on a new career? Let The Cafe Meow or Koneko know Honey and Fox sent you if you end up applying. Pet some kittens for us. Better yet name one Honey and another Fox. Send us a picture of our counterparts.


Applied for the position? Leave a comment below stating so, we’ll be cheering for you.

If there’s a dream job you’d like for us to cover, let us know in the comments and we’ll search for an opening.