Step into an office space where action figures, recreated movie sets and film posters dominate the workspace. Work alongside animators, modelers and art directors in the creative field of animation.

Blue Sky Studios’ known for titles like Ice Age, Rio and Horton Hears a Who!. They have received Academy Award nominations and won Best Animated Short Film with the film Bunny, as well as Golden Globe Award nominations for The Peanuts Movie and Ferdinand. Their most recent project in works will include voice talents by Will Smith and Tom Holland.

Recently the company’s job board posted a couple of positions, including storyboard artist.

The storyboard artist is “responsible for translating the screen story into the visual language of cinema.” Once handed the script, this individual takes the printed words and turns them into visual representations, which is achieved through illustrations of key scenes and events. The illustrations help convey mood, develop the character plot and establish setting. They are an important part of the storytelling process when aiding the audience in understanding the story.

A storyboard artist can also suggest shooting angles and transitions, though being mindful of incorporating the director’s notes. It’s a fast paced role so quick hands are need. When it’s time to choose the shots, expect more collaborative meetings with the director, art director and pre-production supervisor.

Basic Requirements:

It should go without saying the ability to draw at a level deemed satisfactory for an animation company is a vital skill to have before applying to the position. Likewise a portfolio.

Other skills include:

  • At least 3 years of feature film or television experience
  • Remember the ability to draw mentioned earlier? More specifically strong drawing skills that suggest character and action.
  • An understanding of character development, cinematic scene and dramatic structure
  • The ability to work well with others, after all this is an animation TEAM
  • The ability to analyze scenes in written form and translate into visual product
  • Being able to express story and character through drawings. Can you draw characters that are model and express emotion?
  • The ability to invent action and express it through drawing

For more information about the storyboard artist position, visit the job listing on Blue Sky Studios’ site. The job listing was posted on January 18, 2018. If you end up applying, do us a solid and let Blue Sky Studios know Honey and Fox sent you. Good luck, and have fun animating the future!

Fill us in if you applied for the position. Also, if you’d like us to be on the lookout for your dream job, hit us up in the comments.