Would you prefer to hear the story of our journey across distant lands to acquire more knowledge about the mystical artifact called CDs? Crossing treacherous landscapes, completing mini games and even coming face to face with the dreaded Bank-er-roah. Our patience tested and perseverance called to question.

Or would you rather we start this story with the definition “a certificate of deposit also known as a CD is ‘a way to enjoy higher returns on your money without a lot of risk’[1]. Credit unions refers to these as share certificate?” Would you even continue reading? Probably not. Not to worry. Stick with us and we’ll recount the more adventurous option, breaking down what you need to master.


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Alas we are finally able to tell you our tale.

As we headed into the car to start our journey the quest map was being drawn before us. We would be visiting three locations. To keep it fair our selection would be two banks and a credit union chosen at random. As the path was being laid out the first name appeared. It was a credit union.

Entering the facility we were able to meet with the dungeon’s representative. The first thing we needed to clear out of the way was understanding what a credit union was. Sure we had an idea but it’s easier to navigate new land with accurate knowledge under your belt.

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