With popular titles like Robot Unicorn Attack, Peter Panic, Amateur Surgeon and Head Lander, there exists a game studio creating eye-popping or, better yet, eye-gouging games. Announcer with the deep voice, who are they? *low male voice* Adult Swim Games.

Within the Turner Broadcasting family lies Adult Swim, the breeding ground for shows like Rick & Morty, Bob’s Burgers, Robot Chicken, and other unique titles. Willing to join up with these quirky individuals? Therefore consider a position as a games producer.

Word of advice before you continue reading, follow the application’s suggestion: “If you don’t know the shows we are talking about, just stop reading or at least study up on at http://www.adultswim.com!”

From Adult Swim branches off the unconventional Adult Swim Games, the same studio responsible for Pocket Mortys, Major Mayhem, and My Lil’ Bastard. Warning: this is not your average work space. Don’t believe so? Check out their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Peter Panic. A mobile musical that puts Broadway in you pants. I Can Be: A Games Producer for Adult Swim
Credit: Adult Swim Games

The job isn’t just sitting around playing games.

Responsibilities include:

Managing many large-scale game products across various platforms from start to finish. This includes direct-to-consumer, licensed, and ad-supported games. The games producer will be working with the creative director, lead game designer, art director, copywriter, and third party vendors. The games producer also goes through all the phases of development. Need a recap? They are: pre-production, production (alpha, beta), and submission.

There are three levels a games producer needs to clear:

  • Planning Process
  • Launch Process


  • Support Process
Pocket Mortys. A multiversal battle of the grandsons starring Rick and Morty. I Can Be: A Games Producer for Adult Swim
Credit: Adult Swim Games

Knowing the Adult Swim lineup isn’t enough to get the position. An interest in the gaming industry and gaming is helpful. Back up that interest with 5 years project management experience. Press ‘B’ to add in technical knowledge of digital platforms. Press the ‘B’ button yet again to add skills in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project and project management for digital products. And please be familiar with the Adult Swim Games brand.

For the experienced, let’s execute a combo move.

↑ Experience working with mobile game developers.

↓ Creative thinker and problem-solver.

← Have strong UX instincts and be able to collaborate with UX/UI designers, as well as game producers and developers.

For more information about the games producer position, visit the job listing on Turner’s website. The job listing was posted on December 13, 2016. If you end up applying, do us a solid and let Turner Broadcasting – Adult Swim know Honey and Fox sent you. Ready to press start on your new career?