January has come to an end. The first month of 2018 was a roller coaster. So many key events took place, it’s difficult to pin them all and avoid creating too long of a list.

January was 31 days full of excitement, drama and history making moments. Uncontrollable events like snowstorms can take a nation by surprise. Erroneous moments such as the Hawaii and Japan missile alert false alarms highlighted areas in need of improvement. These events caused changes to take place to avoid future repeats. The internet was wild with excitement regarding thrilling hashtags like #BlackHogwarts or finding doppelgangers.

What event affected you in January?

Here are our picks:

1. Snow storm bomb struck the U.S.

The U.S. and Canada experienced a “bomb cyclone” at the start of the year. Not letting the snow get them down, a few crafty people begun to freeze bubbles and posted the breathtaking results on social media platforms.

The impact it caused: The drop in temperature affected all regions of the U.S., including southern states inexperienced with this type of whether. Once temperatures reached an all time low, even typically warm states like Florida felt the effects. The Sunshine State dealt with frozen iguanas falling from trees.

2. Residents of Oregon now pump their own gas

Oregonians joined the rest of the U.S.  population of having the adult responsibility of pumping gas their own gas. Cheers! While the law’s initial reception wasn’t well received, in time self pumping will become the norm. If any additional adults-to-be are interested in learning how to pump gas, drop us a message. We’ll create a course for you.

The impact it caused: A new self-serve law for the state of Oregon signed and in effect.

3. Animaniacs is coming to Hulu with an all new reboot

A collaboration between Hulu and Warner Bros. is bringing childhood favorite Animaniacs back.

The impact it caused: Wellesley Wild from Family Guy named as showrunner. Tom Ruegger was the original showrunner.

4. The 75th Golden Globes

Moments to remember included: #MeToo movement inspired all black attire. Award wins and losses such as Get Out.

The impact it caused: Spotlight on the Time’s Up movement. Eight activist attendees invited by celebrities.

5. False alarm Hawaii missile alert

On Saturday, January 13th everyone in Hawaii received an emergency alert message. The island was panic stricken. Once announced as a false alarm, though relieving, the impact couldn’t be undone. Furthermore, a similar event took place in Japan a few days after.

The impact it caused: Rethinking emergency alert protocols and user interface systems.

6. #BlackHogwarts

Twitter users hilariously reimagined Harry Potter with #BlackHogwarts. A mesh of black culture with the beloved Harry Potter universe.

The impact it caused: Harry Potter creator JK Rowling even chimed in. #BlackHogwarts helped serve as a universal discussion to address the lack of representation for people of color in fantasy, Hollywood and other media.

7. Flu outbreak

January was peak flu season, featuring the fast-mutating H3N2 flu strain.

The impact it caused: People have been warned to be extremely cautious during this flu season.

8. Google Arts & Culture app can find your art doppelganger

The Google Arts & Culture app gives users the ability to explore art museums across the world. With their most recent face match feature, users have found themselves fascinated by the ability to find their art twin.

There's never a dull moment when you're an adult. Especially not this week. A false missile alert in Hawaii spurred panic, the flu is everywhere, people are twinning with the Google Arts & Culture app, plus other ups and downs. Get culture with this break down.
Credit: Google Arts & Culture/Jack Anstey

The impact it caused: The app went viral the weekend of the update. This event even took Google by surprise. The free app became No.1 on the iOS app store.

9. Saudi Arabia lifts 35 year movie ban ends with Captain Underpants and The Emoji Movie

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Vision 2030 social and economic reform program allowed the lifting of the once strict movie ban. Captain Underpants and The Emoji Movie became the first movies shown in the country.

The impact it caused: More permanent movie theaters will open creating more job opportunities.

10. U.S. government shut down

United States lawmakers needed to pass a new spending bill to fund government operations and agencies. Submission was due by midnight Friday, January 19th. Failure to pass a spending bill led to 3 days of government shutdown.
Congress meeting place

The impact it caused: Limited government services. The U.S. is a joke to the world.

11. One-year anniversary of the Women’s March

“Marches” all around the world took place to honor the one-year anniversary of the Women’s March.

The impact it caused: The march theme was Power to the Polls, focusing on registering more women to vote and encouraging more female candidates in office.

12. Launch of Amazon Go a checkout free grocery

Amazon launched both their Amazon Go app and store. Enjoy line-less shopping, well except for the line during the debut opening.

The impact it caused: Changing the norm of the shopping landscape.

What do you remember about January? Fill us in with a comment.


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