We’ve enjoyed serving you funny and insightful posts throughout 2017. We’ve challenged the role of diversity in stock photos. Created an inspiring Oreo workout routine. And made it our mission to introduce budding adults to personal finance. We’ve attended conferences, threw a 90s party and traveled to Japan.

Though March 10th, 2016 was the day we conceived the idea for Honey and Fox, it wasn’t until February 15, 2017 that the blog went live, making 2017 so much more special. We spent a year planning, preparing and researching. By early 2017, our coming soon site was taken down to debut our brand Honey and Fox. 2017 is the year our blogging journey officially took off. We’re happy to learn readers have taken a liking to our posts.

Let’s have a look at the posts that captured an audience:

1. Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

When Halloween was fast approaching, we offered a solution to the costumed-impaired. Pull off a cool costume with minimal effort and money with these creative last-minute Halloween costume ideas for adults. Read more.

2. Why You Hatin’ on Barbie?

Barbara “Barbie” Millicent Roberts has set the bar high as a pop culture icon. Barbie is 57 years young and still working it. So what’s with all the hate? Read more.

3. Reboots, Remakes, Sequels and More. Winter 2016.

The future of entertainment seems to be following a pattern. Filled with reboots, remakes, sequels and show revivals pulling at our nostalgia-filled hearts. Read more.

4. We had a ’90s Birthday Party and It was Glorious

We celebrated a huge Honey and Fox milestone – our anniversary – with a ’90s style birthday party. It was da bomb. Totally. Read more.

5. 4 Types of Japanese Noodles We Ate In Japan

Noodles are a huge part of the Japanese diet. Japan has a variety of noodles from thick to cream served hot or cold. Here are 4 types of Japanese noodles. Read more.

6. Clothes You Should Throw Out And Put In A Box to the Left

You’ve been avoiding this since high school. The time has come for an epic clothing purge. Learn how to decide what clothes to get rid of. Read more.

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7. I Can Be: A Cat Cafe Host

Love cats, coffee, and tea? Become a cat cafe host. Cat cafes Koneko and The Cafe Meow are hiring. Read more.

8. The Getting Ready Trip Guide: Beyond Packing

There’s more to leaving for a trip than packing a suitcase. Here’s a guide of items to complete before getting on an airplane. Read more.

9. The Best Shade Mugs to Get Your A** in Gear

Enjoy a cup of brew with a dose of happiness in a tasteful shade mug. Shut down foolishness with just a sip. Let your shade mug do the talking. Read more.

10. Making a Slime Cake: An Epic Tale of Messy Proportions

This slime cake is the perfect way to celebrate a throwback party or birthday. Come on down! Get slimed. Read more.

We will to continue our ridiculous adulting antics while keeping it sweet and sassy throughout 2018.

And a special thank you to our readers.