Merry White Day!

For the benefit of our readers who have no clue what we’re talking about, please note that White Day is a romantic holiday, which originated from Japan. The day is meant for men to express their appreciation for the women in their lives through white chocolate or other goodies.

Although the unique exchange of gifts on White Day is a Japanese custom, it has spread to China, South Korea, and Taiwan. We hope White Day eventually becomes a celebrated norm in the West, just as Japan embraced Valentine’s Day.

In honor of White Day, here is one paragraph of our post in Japanese. Yes, we are actually learning Japanese and, no, we did not use Google Translate. This is our proficiency level so bare with us.









松本潤 ( まつもと じゅん)  も。



Thank you Japan for White Day .

We like chocolates.

Chocolates are tasty.

Oreos are also delicious.

Can you please send us chocolates?

And Mastumoto Jun?



Honey and Fox


Disclaimer: To keep it honest and authentic we only used the kanjis we know. Sorry to those who are more proficient in kanji for having to read hiragana. We looked up Mastumoto Jun’s name out of respect, but put how we’d honestly spell it in hiragana.

Enjoy more Japan related antics. We took a trip to Japan and want you to join the journey.