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Nice to Meet You

Honey and Fox is the sum of two people, what they write, do, experience and challenge against the adulting world. Throughout our daily lives, we make comments and voice our opinions on varying topics and the wonders our minds come up with. Sometimes you struggle to find the words to express what you’re thinking, but no worries. Sit back and relax. We do the research and writing for you, and heck let’s just click the post button while we’re at it. The end result is the Honey and Fox you see before you: the sweet and sassy guide to help you navigate the world of adulting. We want to bring value to our readers, a fun learning experience, and a sprinkle of enjoyment.

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Gender: A surprising 50/50 percent split between male and female audience
Age: Primary age 18 – 35
Status: College educated
Occupation: Professional/technical, homemakers and self-employed

We’re international with an audience reach in the U.S., United Kingdom, Brazil, and more.


Our Experience

Hey there’s no shame in bragging…sometimes

Let’s see if you combine our skills and talent together this is what you get:

  • Writers
  • Coders
  • People living life
  • Creatives
  • Holders of Imagination
  • Copyeditor
  • Content generation
  • Caretakers
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Degrees in Digital Media Web Design
  • Degree in Art Management
  • Audience reach
  • Promotion
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Messaging

… and our admiration.

If you want a taste of our writing abilities and flavor, feel free to check out what we’ve written.


Services Offered

Social media takeovers
Blog series
Sponsored posts
Social media promotion
Product reviews and giveaways
Spotlight in our newsletter
Conference & event coverage
Brand friendship. If you’re Oreo, you’re family!

What You Get

Does what we produce relate to what you do or your products?
Check us out and find out or message us so we can let you know in greater detail.
If you’re Oreo: no need, just come to us.


Engaged readers
Unique giveaways and contests
Partnering with a dedicated team to help market

Want to collaborate on a project, advertise or send us something to review? Let’s be friends… with benefits! Email us. We can work out the details on sponsorship and promotion opportunities.

How to Contact

Hooray! You want to get in contact with us, well, here are some options:
Email, it’s a nice traditional yet quick approach:

A little more social:

Twitter – @honeynfox Feel free to follow us. Send us a tweet or direct message.
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