This is last-minute Halloween. Everybody make a scene!

Pumpkin spice everything continues to permeate the air, Party City is upping their costume prices, stores are already decking the halls with twerking Santas, and I still have no idea what to be for Halloween. Halloween is just around the corner! If it weren’t for Facebook reminding me practically every hour about all the parties I’m interested in attending on October 31st, I probably wouldn’t be as concerned. I’ve come to that point in life that when it comes to Halloween costume planning, I will go where my procrastinating-self will take me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As a lover of all things Halloween though, I refuse to stoop to the level of throwing together a costume that looks like I half-assed it. Easy doesn’t have to be boring or crappy, let alone expensive. Stand out among the sea of Wonder Women and Pennywises. Make ? it ? work.

Fear not! With a little ingenuity and resourcefulness, you can pull off a cool costume with minimal effort and money. I’ve curated a list of actually doable creative Halloween costume ideas for adults that I found during my own idk costume journey.

Get ready to be inspired!

1. Pay homage to timeless pop culture icons of your childhood.

Take a trip down memory lane of the ‘90s by dressing up as either Eliza or Debbie Thornberry from Nickelodeon’s The Wild Thornberrys. Channel Eliza’s adventurous spirit by pairing coke-bottle glasses, a yellow top, a red turtleneck and denim shorts along with binoculars. Rock Debbie’s cool grunge style with a plaid shirt, orange crop tops and ripped jeans. Throw in a magazine and a “whatever” attitude, then you’ll definitely capture her character.

Raid yours or an older family member’s closet for clothes from high school or college, of course, if they haven’t been thrown away already. There might be some pieces reflective of a particular decade. Don’t forget to check out your local thrift store; they’re wormholes for decade fashion if you’re on a budget.

2. Man up and ascend the Pyramid of Greatness.

Easy creative costume idea alert! Dress as Ron Swanson: Recreate his best funny moments and sport his simple comfortable look.
Cosplayers Erich Roberts (left) and John Koch (right) killing it as Ron Swanson and Andy Dwyer/Burt Macklin at Atlantic City Boardwalk Con. Credit: @be_cosplay/Instagram

Celebrate the virtues and lifestyle of the quintessential man’s man, Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation. Ron Swanson has already earned a place in our hearts as one of our favorite pop culture fathers. Recreate his best funny moments and sport his simple comfortable look in either a tucked-in polo shirt or flannel with a belt and khakis. Hit up the dollar store for his badass mustache.

3. Sim yourself.

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Ever customize a character in the Sims video game in your own likeness? Now you can bring that character to life. This is a good option for people who don’t really like dressing up for Halloween, but have to due to a costume requirement at a party. With this costume, you just attach a paper made plumbob (the diamond thingy) to a headband and wear whatever outfit you’d like. Check out Lorraine Stanick’s video tutorial on how to make the Sims plumbob.

4. Be truly outrageous.

With a little ingenuity and resourcefulness, you can pull off any of these creative Halloween costume ideas. Be truly outrageous with this easy Jem and the Holograms costume.
Put your DIY costume-making skills to the test. Rock this Halloween in an ’80s Jem and Holograms costume. Credit: Bunny Baubles

Relive the ‘80s rock star dream as Jem from the beloved cartoon Jem and the Holograms, a personal favorite of Honey’s. No need for Synergy’s help with this costume. Match a light pink dress with a hot pink scarf. Transform your look with bold, shimmery eye makeup and light-up synergy starburst earrings. I found a pair at Barnes and Noble for just under $15. Use pink hair color spray (check the ingredients!) or don a pink wig to get Jem’s glamorous pink locks. If you’re feeling you’d like to go the DIY route, you can make your own belt and starburst earrings. Find the truly outrageous tutorial at Bunny Baubles.

5. Serve up some Bob’s Burgers love.

Serve up someob's Burgers love. Try this easy DIY Bob Belcher costume for a creative Halloween costume idea.
Oh, god! It’s Bob Belcher. Credit: FOX/”C2E2 2015” by Ben Alexander, used under CC BY

As we mentioned during our June is for the Dads series, Bob Belcher of Bob’s Burgers is the perfect TV dad to raise a glass to and binge watch. He is also probably the easiest Halloween costume to put together. All you need to do is slap on a fake mustache, grab a white apron then throw it over some slacks. Accessorize with a spatula and a Burger of the Day.

6. Step back in time and represent a historical figure.

Need some last-minute Halloween costume ideas? Play with different hair and makeup styles to DIY a Cleopatra-inspired costume.
Credit: @jgarcia3030/@wyllie54/Instagram

For $8, Instagram user @jgarcia3030 created a Cleopatra costume. Granted she was fortunate to find an Egyptian-inspired neckpiece at a thrift store and a black wig on sale at JOANN Fabric. Nevertheless, you could make the collar from an old T-shirt and decorate it with gold ribbon. Also feel free to play with different hair and makeup styles. There are plenty of informative tutorials on YouTube. Remember to deck yourself in elaborate jewelry pieces, perhaps from your own collection or hit up a fashion-forward friend to borrow from. They might have some earrings, necklaces or armbands to lend for the night.

7. Party like a Blue Man.

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas for adults do not have to be boring. Party like a Blue Man. If you like jamming out, acting weirdly ridiculous and painting yourself blue, then by all means dress as a member from the Blue Man Group!
Credit: Galeria de Léo Pinheiro – Picasa [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Well-established in cities across the globe, the Blue Man Group is an experimental performance art group known for their signature blue faces and body paint. If you like jamming out, acting weirdly ridiculous and painting yourself blue, then by all means dress as a member from the Blue Man Group!

Apply blue face paint to just your face; always check if the paint is suitable for sensitive skin. Use a blue swimming cap to emulate their bald and earless heads. Complete the look with black slacks, a black long-sleeve shirt and blue gloves. If you’re feeling extra and want to show off your musical talents, grab some drumsticks and PVC pipes.

8. Be the next contestant on The Price is Right.

Stuck searching for last-minute Halloween costume ideas for adults? Try this: Come on down and possibly win a Halloween costume contest with this wicked DIY Price is Right costume.
Come on down and win best Halloween costume! Credit: Alyssa Barrette/Pinterest

Come on down and possibly win a Halloween costume contest with this wicked DIY Price is Right costume. T-shirt color coordination is not required, but it definitely helps when paired with a scoreboard counterpart, as seen in the photo above by crafty Pinterest user Alyssa Barrette and her group of friends.

Use Bristol or poster board to create the scoreboard and nametags, which you can easily find at a dollar store. The scoreboard is about half the size of a poster board. For the name tag, cut yellow posterboard into a gift tag shape, about the size of a 3’’x5’’ index card. With permanent marker, write your name and draw a border around the tag. Cut numbers out of white paper (computer paper should suffice) and adhere to the board. The numbers should be aligned to the right. Line the scoreboard with black duct tape to create the border. Punch a hole on the top left and right sides of the board, thread some string through the holes, then tie it so it hangs around your neck.

9. Come on, Barbie. Let’s go party in style.

Barbie loves to experiment with her style. With this cheap chic Barbie styling head costume, you can too. Revisit your childhood and become a fashionista. Simply cut a hole in cardboard box top and cover it with a pink tablecloth to create the table section, leave a hole cloth in for your head. Use a glue gun to adhere dollar store beauty accessories on top. Or use Velcro instead of glue to make the accessories easily removable so others can actually play with your costume. Get a wig or style your hair like Barbie with a cute bow.

Keep in mind you don’t necessarily have to recreate Barbie. I never had a Barbie Styling Head playset as a child. Rather, my mom bought me a Palace Wedding Princess Jasmine version when the Aladdin movies were poppin. Mix and match your own rendition of a Disney princess styling head with distinct jewelry pieces.

10. Show off your Itt factor.

Creative last-minute Halloween costume ideas for adults can be hard to think of. Try this: Replicate Cousin Itt's famous blonde locks with this easy DIY Cousin Itt costume.
Credit: Kristi Chenault/Pinterest

Itt is the cousin of Gomez Addams, and is one of the many characters in The Addams Family that have become iconic in pop culture history. Replicate his famous blonde locks by layering tan grass skirts with safety pins to a dollar store table cloth or flat bed sheet. Add sunglasses, then top it off with a bowling hat. Get the full tutorial here.

11. DIY a wind-up key.

In just a few hours, you can whip up a creative Halloween costume. Transform a dapper outfit into a charming wind-up doll costume.
Credit: Nicholas Moreau [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Transform a dapper outfit into a charming wind-up doll costume in just a few hours. All you need is a paper towel tube and basic supplies. Find the instructions and video tutorial at HGTV. For inspiration on dapper or vintage looks, visit the event photos at the Dapper Day website.

One of the best parts of Halloween imho, aside from dressing up as someone else, is when candy goes on sale. What candy are you looking forward to munching on this Halloween?