We designed these printable destination stickers to commemorate the countries we explored at our adulting blog birthday party. This year’s theme focused on our travel bucket list, as well as foreign language learning and plenty of eating. England, France, Italy, Japan and South Korea made the top picks on our travel bucket list.

Use them on a planner, in creative projects or as momentos at your own travel bucket list party. Have guests mark off their adventures. Create a passport for their new destination sticker stamps. Or download the printable passport we used at our birthday celebration. It’s free.

Download Free Printable Destination Stickers

You can print the destination stickers on adhesive paper or regular computer paper. Plan to go for the less costly option? Then make sure to add glue to the blank side of the stamps.

We definitely plan to expand this printable sticker pack. There are many other countries to discover. So stay tuned for future add-ons.

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